Solve 0x800ccc6f Outlook Error Message With Pst Repair Tool

0x800ccc6f error code occur when outlook encounter problem. Outlook is nowadays in great demand by business users. They use it to send mails and messages to their office client. In pst file many important notes and contacts has been saved by employees. All data in pst file important for business purpose. But no one can get rid of outlook problem. They also have to face corruption problem once in a life. Corruption lead to loss of pst file. And if you lose important document than as employee you can be in a serious problem. Many reasons causes pst file to corrupt. Some of them can be virus attack, header corruption, large file size,etc. To fix 0x800ccc6f outlook problem you must be using scanpst.exe. But if problem remain persist than you can use pst repair tool. with third party tool you can completely remove error message from outlook.

To explain whole scenario consider that your pst file gets corrupted and when you access pst file you get error message 0x800ccc6f. Now you need to fix it in any way. In this scenario you will came to know reasons of 0x800ccc6f error code and solution to fix it.

First of all you should now what are the reasons which cause 0x800ccc6f error message. Than you can apply appropriate solution to fix it. Some reasons are listed down:

1. When pst file is saved on bad sector disk.
2. Fault in network lead to pst corruption.
3. Abruptly failure of power lead to 0x800ccc6f outlook error.
4. Hardware and software problem.
5. Attack of virus also throw error message.

To fix 0x800ccc6f outlook problem , if your are thinking to use scanpst.exe than as a novice user your are going to take take great risk. Professional user can remove pst error message quickly with the use of inbox repair tool. scanpst.exe need extra time to find it’s location which is very difficult task. After finding location also your problem remain persist because inbox repair tool repair only data within 2GB. If corruption is severe than you can’t use this tool at any cost. You will get error message while running scanpst.exe.

Pst repair tool is highly advance and professional tool. you can sue this tool because it scan all corrupted files automatically. It repair all mails , messages, notes, etc without taking much time. Design of software is user friendly. You can also recover lost password. Encrypted file can also be recovered if it is damaged. Split large outlook 2002/2007/2010 pst file into small units. Allow you to save all part at different place. In this software you can see preview all damaged, lost pst files. In all windows operating system whether it is latest or old you can perform repair operation.

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How To Fix Corrupted Pst File Of Outlook 2007??

Microsoft outlook 2007 is used widely for sending and receivership mails. All the inbox, draft, send messages are store in pst folder. You can access any mails in form of pst file. Outlook also has inbuilt tool in form of scanpst.exe. Many user uses it to repair pst files. Data which you store in pst file sometime gets corrupted.

To restore pst file user use scanpst.exe outlook 2007. With the use of this tool you can get all their lost or deleted files. Many times it has seen that virus attack, outlook problems, sudden power failure make pst files like mails, messages, notes, journals effected.

Scanpst.exe has many limitations because of that you can use it to repair only header portions. Some of the limitations of inbox repair tool are: 

  • Tool can be used for data below 2GB.
  • It fails to repair content part of pst file because it repair only header part.
  • Severe corruption if occur in pst file can’t be fixed with inbuilt tool.
  • Lost or deleted files takes lots of time to retrieve.

All these limitations make scanpst.exe inefficient. If inbuilt tool throws different error message once it unable to repair pst file. Some of the error message which user see on their system are:

  • Unknown error has occurred.
  • Scanpst.exe entry point not found.
  • Fatal error : 80040900
  • outlook.pst file is not personal file folder.

Whenever user uses scanpst.exe above it’s limitation they see these error message. To fix outlook 2007 issues microsoft has launched efficient tool. pat repair tool is one of the software which fix all your pst problem is some hours. Software repair all corrupt files that corrupt due to any reasons. Lost or deleted files also retrieve with the use of pst repair tool. many user find this tool easy due to it’s interface.

On every operating system you can use this tool. if your outlook version is not 2007 than also you can run this tool to repair corrupt pst file. You can see preview of lost or corrupted mails, messages, notes, journals on system. Technical knowledge is not necessary to run tool. you can save your pst file on safe place.


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Recover Lost Password Of Outlook 2007 With Pst Repair Tool

Pst file of outlook 2007 stores important data that’s why Microsoft provided a solution to secure it. You can set password to protect it from unauthorized access. By business point of view some mails are very important,which should be kept secure for company’s benefit. You can set secret code of multiple character. It can be mixture of special symbols or numbers. Once you will set password to your pst file than no one can access it without your permission. If other user will try to access your password protected mails than they will get error message.

As people can’t remember all the things by heart that’s why it is advise to write your secret code at some place. When you will forget your code in future than you can take help from there. By chance if you forget to note password on piece of paper than you can’t access your data with other code. To access protected file you have to use same secret code other wise you will get error messages. Some message are like:

  1. Password entered by you is wrong. Please check it again.
  2. Login failed, please try again.

As Microsoft outlook provide scanpst.exe as inbuilt tool but to recover lost password you have to use only third party tool. Pst repair software make file accessible by restoring same password. Tool can be used to retrieve secret code which contain symbols, numbers. Any hard combination of password can be easily recovered. As software is made with advance technology that’s why it also offer you to set new secret code.

You can easily install outlook 2007 pst password recovery software on computer. Tool doesn’t take much time to crack any code. All type of windows operating system can be used to run tool. password of all outlook version is recovered with pat repair tool.

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Find Best Inbox PST Repair Tool for Windows 7 and 8

If you are a Windows 7 and 8 user and notice slow Outlook performance or abruptly receive error messages, then it is an indication of Outlook corruption waiting ahead. Every thing is not fine with your Outlook. It is high time for you to scan your PST files using scanpst.exe or inbox repair tool which is present by default in every version of Outlook with Windows operating system including Windows 7 and 8. It can be easily found in the Office 12 folder of the Outlook in program files. Since the folder is hidden, the users have to locate it in the Outlook folder as there is no shortcut to it.

Although, the tool is handy for scanning and analyzing corrupted and damaged PST files but cannot be relied upon for overcoming Outlook corruption in every circumstances. There are instances where the scanpst.exe failed to rectify the PST file corruption. It is generally suitable for fixing errors in the internal data structure of PST files. It is unsuitable for rectifying higher level of corruption in Outlook database. Thus, scanpst.exe does not serves the purpose and cannot be considered as best inbox repair tool for windows 7 and 8.

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Use Inbox PST Repair Tool for Repairing Outlook 2010

MS Outlook 2010 is an advanced version of Microsoft Outlook as compared to its previous versions. It is lot more fast to work on and is better. Although it is stable but not perfect and there can be instances of PST file corruption resulting in Outlook damage. There can be various issues responsible for the corruption of MS Outlook 2010. some of them are listed below:

  • Upgrading previous version– When Outlook 2007 is upgraded to 2010, there can be serious problem encountered while accessing the PST files and data.
  •  Improper shutdown of Outlook– If the Outlook application is abruptly closed, the users might encounter corruption issues when the Outlook is launched the next time with error messages, such as “Outlook is not responding”. Thus it is important to make a proper backup of PST files and Outlook data before upgrading the version.
  • Virus attack and broken PST files can be some other main causes for PST file corruption and damaged Outlook.

In such case, Scanpst.exe an inbuilt tool provided by Microsoft can be of great help. It is an official inbox pst repair tool for 2010 and is present in Outlook by default. But it could not be found easily as it is present in the hidden folders. The users need to locate the scanpst.exe or inbox repair tool in the following path as C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12 . Once it has been located, the users need to double click to open the inbox repair tool. After that, the damaged pst files can be selected by browsing the files to be repaired. It starts the scanning process and check for the errors responsible for PST file corruption.


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How To Use Best Inbox PST Repair Tool for 2003

MS Outlook 2003 is the successor of Microsoft Outlook 2002 version. Outlook 2003 is very popular among the Outlook users and truly is a great to work on. However, sometimes the users might encounter troubles with PST files in MS Outlook 2003. corruption or damage of pst files is stated to be the main problem in the smooth running of the Outlook. As a result the mailbox refuses to open and the users encounter erroneous notification indicating PST file corruption. Thus in such scenario, the users require to repair pst files in order to access the data stored on the Outlook. You must be familiar with scanpst.exe or inbox repair tool. It is a reliable inbuilt tool that has been designed by Microsoft. It is suitable to repair damaged pst files and fix Outlook corruption.

However, the users must know the exact location of scanpst.exe if they want to use this utility. Since it is present in hidden folders, it is a bit difficult to locate. Moreover the location also depends on Outlook versions installed on the computer. For MS Outlook 2003, users can locate Scanpst.exe in the following path

  • %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033\

However, Outlook 2003 users must note that scanpst.exe has certain limitations. It is not always found to be best inbox pst repair tool for 2003 and effective in repairing damaged PST files. If the corruption is due to over sized Outlook files, virus attack and any other Outlook error, the tool miserably fails. Thus in order to fix corruption due to over sized PST file, users need to split the large PST files in smaller ones by dividing the files. It helps in reducing the size and helps in the proper functioning of Outlook 2003. deleting some of the unimportant mails from the inbox to prevent over sized PST file issues.

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How To Find Microsoft Office 2007 inbox repair tool Location

Outlook users must be well familiar with the advent of Inbox repair tool. Scanpst.exe or inbox repair tool is an inbuilt utility by Microsoft that can be used for repairing damaged PST files. It gets installed by default along with Microsoft Office suite. The utility is present in every Outlook version including Outlook 2007, 2010. this means that users need not download this tool externally. However, its location varies according to Outlook versions and also depends on Windows 32/64 bit-versions that is being used. Since the scanpst.exe or inbox repair tool is present in hidden folders, it is important for the users to know the Microsoft office 2007 inbox repair tool location.

In MS Outlook 2007, it is located at

For 32-bit Windows versionC:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12

For 64-bit Windows versionC:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12

But since, the the utility is present in the hidden folders, the users might find it difficult to locate them. If the users are still unable to locate scanpst.exe at the above location, the users can free download Inbox repair tool from the Microsoft’s Official website and store it in the desired location of the computer.

 Steps to Run the Inbox Repair tool

  • Once the scanpst.exe has been found, the users are advised to
  • Double click on it to run the inbox repair tool.
  • Further, click and select the browse option to locate the path of damaged PST files that has to be scanned using the Windows system.
  • After selecting the pst files click start to scan the items.
  • Once the scanning is completed, restart the Outlook
  • Find complete list of PST files repaired and recovered in the left Navigation window of Outlook.
  • The users can now easily move the repaired pst files and store them in their profile

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