How To Fix Corrupted Pst File Of Outlook 2007??

Microsoft outlook 2007 is used widely for sending and receivership mails. All the inbox, draft, send messages are store in pst folder. You can access any mails in form of pst file. Outlook also has inbuilt tool in form of scanpst.exe. Many user uses it to repair pst files. Data which you store in pst file sometime gets corrupted.

To restore pst file user use scanpst.exe outlook 2007. With the use of this tool you can get all their lost or deleted files. Many times it has seen that virus attack, outlook problems, sudden power failure make pst files like mails, messages, notes, journals effected.

Scanpst.exe has many limitations because of that you can use it to repair only header portions. Some of the limitations of inbox repair tool are: 

  • Tool can be used for data below 2GB.
  • It fails to repair content part of pst file because it repair only header part.
  • Severe corruption if occur in pst file can’t be fixed with inbuilt tool.
  • Lost or deleted files takes lots of time to retrieve.

All these limitations make scanpst.exe inefficient. If inbuilt tool throws different error message once it unable to repair pst file. Some of the error message which user see on their system are:

  • Unknown error has occurred.
  • Scanpst.exe entry point not found.
  • Fatal error : 80040900
  • outlook.pst file is not personal file folder.

Whenever user uses scanpst.exe above it’s limitation they see these error message. To fix outlook 2007 issues microsoft has launched efficient tool. pat repair tool is one of the software which fix all your pst problem is some hours. Software repair all corrupt files that corrupt due to any reasons. Lost or deleted files also retrieve with the use of pst repair tool. many user find this tool easy due to it’s interface.

On every operating system you can use this tool. if your outlook version is not 2007 than also you can run this tool to repair corrupt pst file. You can see preview of lost or corrupted mails, messages, notes, journals on system. Technical knowledge is not necessary to run tool. you can save your pst file on safe place.


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