Use Inbox PST Repair Tool for Repairing Outlook 2010

MS Outlook 2010 is an advanced version of Microsoft Outlook as compared to its previous versions. It is lot more fast to work on and is better. Although it is stable but not perfect and there can be instances of PST file corruption resulting in Outlook damage. There can be various issues responsible for the corruption of MS Outlook 2010. some of them are listed below:

  • Upgrading previous version– When Outlook 2007 is upgraded to 2010, there can be serious problem encountered while accessing the PST files and data.
  •  Improper shutdown of Outlook– If the Outlook application is abruptly closed, the users might encounter corruption issues when the Outlook is launched the next time with error messages, such as “Outlook is not responding”. Thus it is important to make a proper backup of PST files and Outlook data before upgrading the version.
  • Virus attack and broken PST files can be some other main causes for PST file corruption and damaged Outlook.

In such case, Scanpst.exe an inbuilt tool provided by Microsoft can be of great help. It is an official inbox pst repair tool for 2010 and is present in Outlook by default. But it could not be found easily as it is present in the hidden folders. The users need to locate the scanpst.exe or inbox repair tool in the following path as C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12 . Once it has been located, the users need to double click to open the inbox repair tool. After that, the damaged pst files can be selected by browsing the files to be repaired. It starts the scanning process and check for the errors responsible for PST file corruption.


At the same time it is important to mention that scanpst.exe is meant to handle PST corruption of low density such as header file corruption. It simply fails to counter severe PST file corruption. It is unable to scan and repair archive pst files of MS Outlook that has become voluminous and exceeded 2 GB size limitation. Thus I such situation, there is need of some professional third party Outlook PST repair tool to fix and repair severely damaged PST files of Outlook 2010. The software is effective in repairing corruption due to any reasons and is compatible with Outlook 2010 and other previous version too.

User Guide: How to Use Inbox repair tool for Outlook 2010

Step-1: Launch and run inbox PST repair tool and select the damaged Outlook PST files of 2010.

Step-2: Click on Start button to begin the scanning process.

Step-3: Press stop button, if you want to halt the scanning process anytime.

Step-4: The list of damaged PST files is generated as preview, Once the scanning process is over.

Step-5: you need to select the desired location to save the PST files.

Step-6: A progress bar indicates and confirms the saving process

Step-7: Open and access the the saved items.

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